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Syfer's web based CapCad™ capacitor modelling software has been developed to provide customers with an easy to use and readily accessible comparison tool for choosing the best Multilayer Capacitors to suit the customer's needs. CapCad™ includes SPICE models with values that reflect typical performance at the chosen frequencies and temperatures that are of importance to an application. The user also has the ability to plot 2-port Scattering Parameters, Impedance, Q Factor or Equivalent Capacitance over any frequency span from 1MHz to 40GHz while maintaining the ability to adjust the temperature and note how it may affect the performance. CapCad™ also includes a Smith Chart utility and the ability to copy the S-Parameter data in touchstone format (s2p).

The data presented by CapCad™ is based on calculated models and is a representation of typical performance. It should not be construed as a specification or guarantee of performance. Actual performance may vary slightly from application to application. For more information or support contact us by phone on +44 1603 723300, or by email at sales@syfer.co.uk.

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