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DLI’s web based CapCad™ capacitor modeling software was developed to provide customers with an easy to use and readily accessible comparison tool for choosing the best Single-Layer, Multi Layer or Broadband Blocking capacitor to suit the customer’s needs. CapCad™ includes SPICE models with values that reflect typical performance at the chosen frequencies and temperatures that are of importance to an application. The user also has the ability to plot 2-port Scattering Parameters, Impedance, Q Factor or Equivalent Capacitance over any frequency span from 1 MHz to 40 GHz while maintaining the ability to adjust the temperature and note how it may affect the performance. CapCad™ also includes a Smith Chart utility and the ability to copy the S-Parameter data in touchtone format(s2p).

The data presented by CapCad™ is based off of calculated models and is a representation of typical performance. It should not be construed as a specification or guarantee of performance. Actual performance may vary slightly from application to application. For more info or support please feel free to contact us by phone at (315) 655-8710, or by email at .

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