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Thin Film Build to Print Information Form Request

This form was developed as a template to make it easy for our customers to enter the information DLI needs for an initial assessment of Build-To-Print Thin Film performance, size and cost. After submitting this form a DLI Applications Engineer will contact you. Note: This is not an order form. There is no obligation to place an order, upon submission.

What sets us apart?

  • DLI has the ability to fully characterize ceramic substrates (K & Kent testing)
  • DLI has the ability to RF Probe and Test through 67GHz

We do not know of any other vendor that can do these things!

DLI's Capabilities: Can we fit your requirements?

  • Fine line geometries – Line/Space Capability~<0.5 mil
  • Broad range of ceramics & metals – K-values 4 to 4,000
  • Custom match Thermal Coefficient of Expansion (TCE) -Epsilon Relative – Er
  • Capable of passive device design
  • Interdigitated Capacitors, Inductors, Resistors, etc.
  • Metalized Vias (Standard and Reinforced)
  • Lange Couplers
  • Own thick/thin film Cu for high power applications
  • 2 sided aligned patterning
  • Automated inspection and placement on tape
  • Expert on Alumina [99.6%] (Al2O3), Aluminum Nitride (AlN), Fused Quartz-Silica (Si02), Titanates (Ti02), Zirconia (Zr02) and DLI custom formulated ceramics
  • Partnerships with specialty contractors for Laser scribe & trim, via fill, thick/thin film Cu for high power applications
  • Capable of Build-To-Print and/or Custom Thin Film designs to 67GHz
  • Internal laser drill capabilities

Contact Information

To facilitate further discussion or information please provide your contact information below.

Confirm Email:     
Preferred method of Contact:  

Export Controls

Due to U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security Standards, if your company is located outside of the United States or if request is for military application please complete the following fields.

End User:  
End Use (application):  
EUC Available:  

Ceramic Choices

Resistors and fine geometries typically default to polished mattes.

Substrate Material:

Additional material properties are listed on pages six and seven of the Build-to-Print Design Guide

Tolerance: As Fired (+/- 1.0 mil); Machined (+/- 0.5 mil)

Surface Preparation: 

Resistors and fine geometries typically default to polished surface finish.

Substrate Thickness:

Device Footprint


Metal System

Top Side Metal: Specify Au Thickness:
Bottom Side Metal: Specify Au Thickness:
Custom Metallization    

Please see pages eight through eleven of the Build-to-Print Design Guide for details. Metal systems are easily customizable to meet your demands. DLI can maintain 0.5 mil line width and spacing with a tolerance of 0.1 mil when no vias are present for standard gold thicknesses. With vias DLI can maintain 1.0 mil line with and spacing with a 0.2 mil tolerance.

Critical Pattern Features:    
Minimum line width in your design:
Minimum line spacing in your design:

Mounting Method

How is the device attached in the assembly? Also, are there additional components attached to the device?

Please Select:


Type (if any):
Resistor value(s): Ohm/sq
Resistor tolerance: (ie. <10%,10%,20%, etc.)


Type (if any):
Smallest via diameter:

As a rule of thumb via diameters must be at least 50% of the device thickness and not less than 3 mils (0.08 mm) in diameter.

Special Packaging Requirements

Low volumes will typically be shipped bulk in plastic cases sandwiched between blue foam and clean room paper. Serialization, plate level segregation, etc. are also available options selections in waffle packs, gel packs, chip/tray carriers, carrier tape, or on expanded membrane tape on photon rings.

Testing Requirements

Are there any special test requirements or application specific requirements? DLI has full RF characterization capability, materials characterization capability and reliability stress capability to satisfy all MIL and Space level requirements.

Please include any of the following requirements:

NRE Fee Information

Budgetary Volume

DLI typically quotes the volume requested. If you would like to see an additional high volume quote please provide as much visibility into your needs over the next year for the best possible price estimation.

Requested Volume:  
Projected Yearly Volume:
Target price (High Volume): USD
(For up to date currency unit converse please visit Here)

Submit drawings use?

Please do not upload any information controlled by regulation requirements

DLI appreciates your time and effort; a DLI Application Engineer will contact you to discuss your filter requirement.

You can email DLI inside Sales at DLISales@knowles.com or speak with a representative personally at +1 315 655 0445

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